This is an captivating time to be alive. I am excited for my future as a graphic and web designer. I graduated in 2016 on the Dean’s list with my Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from the Art Institute of San Antonio. I feel this profession is where I belong - I love design and everything it encompasses. Growing up, I watched and learned from my father who worked many years in the industry for Hearst. It is because of my family, and my own personal ambitions that I feel I have the resolve to produce inspiring, stunning deliverables for clients.

I want a job that is challenging and therefor satisfying. Design is my life, and I think you’ll see that within my work. Solving the challenges design presents, and working individually or with team members to tackle them is something I enjoy greatly. I feel my design process works best when I create something on my own then collaborate with others to improve it. I am an artistic person with a strong sense of aesthetic, which is why typography, semiotics, and layout design is what I enjoy most. Throughout my course of study, I have been sought out by clients through word of mouth. I have also acquired employment within the industry with my Associates of Applied Science degree. Each client presented a different problem, in which I provided different solutions that pleased them, elevated their brands, and kept them coming back. Some of their work, you’ll see in my portfolio.

The first job I had working in the industry was as an intern. I worked for a state agency making new curriculum for schools that followed the new laws handed down from lawmakers. I learned there the power of team work, communication, selling your work, and most importantly time management. My goal is to further the brand and have clients coming back. Design starts here at the client. Let’s make money together.

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